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Activity report 2013 of the General Inspectorate of Finance (PDF 2116 KB)go to page 13 of this report, you will read this

International cooperation missions

The IGF maintains an intense activity of international cooperation in the field control and auditing, fiscal and financial governance and evaluation of public policies.In the context of institutional relations with some States and international organizations (see part 3), the IGF is to conduct monitoring missions, advice and assistance to the international.

In 2013, the IGF took part in several missions by strengthening the institutional capacity of State in development in partnership with the World Bank, as well as assistance to the Greece missions through its participation in the task force set up by the European Commission, European Central Bank, international monetary fund troika)

It was not worth, going so far

Okay, SIVENS, for me, there is always way, CAs, if I understood, on the one hand, there are the zadistes and their expert report delivered on 27 October at the Ministry of the environment, on the other,(FDSEA,encore,faut il,qu’elle se mouille pour quelque chose) good farmers, farmers, asks a dam, to be able to drink their animals, this is normal, irrigate the crops, and doing their job, however it is located, on the map of France and in their corner to less than 20km from Lisle sur Tarn, farmers already have 3 lakes, or extended water, they would not, I would understand, (1 Lake, or pond Park of LANGUEDOC between saint peyres and angles, 2 nd lac (, or, water ravières, 3rd Lake Laouzas vèbre), I have a great respect for farmers, when, I say great, say, but, I say, for the irrigation of crops by examples, the project has increased 35% of volumes of water, where 35% for the irrigation, this looks more like a pond of fishing, or, nautical base.

I have more the impression that is used by the farming population, to move a project, I may be wrong, but I have a big doubt, which, apparently according to the expert report, would be totally absurd, so, I’m not at all agree with the environmentalists, when, it comes to legalize cannabis, because, I think sincerely, that abrutir our youth, it is frankly not , a gift to make them as much, because they are defending our land, with evidence in support, and more interested parties already have 2 to 3 ponds, in this case, chuis ecolo, that said, if this is a problem as a problem of irrigation, it always way to averaging ( report )


Lisle-sur-Tarn is a commune in the Tarn department that corresponds to the 81 Department. Lisle-sur-Tarn is part of the Midi-Pyrénées region. The postal code of Lisle-sur-Tarn is the 81310. In 2012, Lisle-sur-Tarn had 4,232 inhabitants for an area of 85.97 km2, representing a density of 49 inhabitants per km2.The map below can also serve as a road map of Lisle-sur-Tarn. Here we can see the main roads (roads and motorways). Be readily distinguished the streets of Lisle-sur-Tarn, rail roads, but also the lakes and rivers. Similarly, one can easily get an idea of the density of the network urban and interurban from the town of Lisle-sur-Tarn or and its surroundings.

Municipalities and nearest villages of Lisle-sur-Tarn are Loupiac to 3.65 km, Montans 6.13 km, Parisot to 6.22 km, Coufouleux 7.64 km, Rabastens to 7.75 km, Gaillac to 8.76 km, 8.86 Peyrole km, Brens 8.89 km, Puybegon 9.77 km and Giroussens to 10.46 km. Further down you have a more complete picture on the 20 nearest towns of Lisle-sur-Tarn.

Department 81310: Tarn.

The killers of JFK found in photographs for the first time !, then, frankly, me, I don’t see anything, but I do not have the eyes exercised for this work, for this, for that that I is, you put the link you, you could see them


This JFK researcher has done something that person has ever done – he found the gunmen who fired at JFK in several photos.

I had never seen such proof before. I think it is quite correct! We know from the research of Jim Fetzer, that the Government has an entire floor in an office building, filled with people who make misinformation to mislead the Patriots on the JFK assassination by our Government.

As « architects and engineers for 9/11″ truth has now been identified as working for the Government and the police as informants to censor the truth that mini-nuclear bombs were used on September 11, 2001 , as the proves.

The truth about Sept. 11 explodes television

One of the leaders of the movement for truth blew the taboo of September 11 before millions of spectators (vostfr) (video) September 11, 2001

Imagine a long interview – rigorous background and measured on the shape – about a prominent political controversy. No small phrase, any form of expeditious shortcut, not the slightest trace of condescension on the part of the interviewer. And transpose scene in the french media landscape.

With regard to the taboo that is 11- September in the mainstream media of the Hexagon, should actually be exercised great mental flexibility to consider such a scene local reproduction.

It has actually occurred. On Friday, August 1, on the American channel C-Span, an edifying moment of television took place.

Relatively equivalent to the LCP-Public Sénat duo and strong access to more 100 million homes, the chain has invited a singular personality: Richard Gage, president and founder of the association called « architects and engineers for the truth about 11 – September. »

Spokesman over 2200 professionals, human has been a long time (40 minutes) and a picky but respectful interlocutor ( journalist- producer Peter Slen) to substantiate the thesis scientific group, contrary to the official version defended by the Bush Adminisitration: the three towers of the World Trade Center underwent a controlled demolition on 11 September 2001.

Asset or weakness – according to point of view-of the association Richard Gage: never discuss the real leaders of September 11 (a delicate matter that only « criminal investigators » and investigative journalists to address according to the architect).

Gorbachev: The murder of Nemtsov is a political ploy to sow disorder in Russia

Ex-Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev expressed his confidence that theassassination of politician Boris Nemtsov Friday evening, in the centre of Moscow is a ploy « to make matters worse, and perhaps even destabilize the situation in the country, increase confrontation. »

« It is difficult to say which side is responsible for this. That is pressed not to hasty conclusions and make meticulous surveys  »

Asked if he believed that the assassination of Nemtsov could cause emergency measures to the Government, Gorbachev said it was a scenario that should not exclude. (…)

« Of course, some powers will seek to exploit this crime to serve their own goals, to learn how to get rid of Putin?  » But I do not think that the West will go as far that it that it will use this crime for its own purposes. However, it was supposedly the purpose of criminals who killed Boris, » he said.

‘The crimes of this kind are executed by difficult to trace individuals. All efforts must be made to find these criminals, » said the former President.

« This crime disturbs the feelings of about everyone.  » Boris had some controversial character traits, of course, but he was a man of integrity, » said Gorbachev.

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines, on February 28, 2015

Charlie Hebdo: Kadyrov accused Western secret services,sincerely, I think that KADYROV is right, and it is certainly more aware, I.

The attack on the french weekly Charlie Hebdo could have been organized by the Western secret services, probably to strengthen the terrorist group Islamic State, said the leader of the Russian Republic of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

The attack on the french weekly Charlie Hebdo could have been organized by the Western secret services, probably to strengthen the terrorist group Islamic State, said Monday in Grozny, the leader of the Russian Republic of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

« The incident could have been organized by the authorities and secret services of Western countries wishing to provoke a new wave of recruitment for the Islamic State, » said M.Kadyrov during a demonstration in favour of Islamic values which brought more than a million people in the Chechen capital.

« We see that Europe has not learnt a lesson from the bloody events of Paris. Rather than condemn the shooters and those who caused them by publishing their caricatures, the French authorities organized a show of street for an excessive permissiveness », he added.

M.Kadyrov has already declared that the Jihad Islamic State group was under the supervision of the CIA and other Western intelligence services. He said data demonstrate that US general David Petraeus, former head of the U.S. central command, would have « joined » the head of State Islamic Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The attack against the weekly satirical Charlie Hebdo perpetrated January 7 marked the beginning of a series of bombings in the Paris region who made 17 dead, including three police officers. The French police has eliminated three perpetrators of terrorist attacks at two special operations January 9.

The Republican March against terrorism, which was held on 11 January in several French cities, brought at least 3.7 million people.

These officials who languish in the closet Golden of the Republic,

SURVEY Inspections, Court of Auditors, Council of State… Hundreds of experienced officials end their careers doing nothing, or almost. A mess that is costly to taxpayers.

While achieving -quality reports in its mission of public management control, the Court of Auditors (439 controllers) is penalized by low productivity d? part of its members, some of whom have political activities outside. (DURAND FLORENCE/SIPA)

At Bercy, the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF), the body of elite of the State control, occupies a corridor on the eighth floor of the building Colbert. Young inspectors just out of ENA ironically call it « medicalized upstairs ». An allusion to the quarantine inspectors-General of finance, one of the most prestigious grades. They have enough to see their sleeping elders finish their careers in the Golden closet with a comfortable treatment of 10,000 euros per month approximately. « Besides a few, these frameworks do almost nothing. Officially, they oversee reports, in reality, we do all the work ‘, says one of these rebellious enarques, pointing some « generals » who go on a weekend break from Wednesday evening…

This divide between generations is the IGF system, which is pretty perverse. After four years of intensive service, young people leave in the public or the private sector. If they return, it is often against their will, landed their position or victims of political alternation. Alexandre Jevakhoff and Didier Banquy, ex-conseillers of Michèle Alliot-Marie (defence) and François Baroin (Economics), joined the inspection, as Philippe Jurgensen, who led the French Development Agency, and Bruno Parent, the former Director of taxes. ‘ The Finance Inspectorate has first a function of self-promotion: it handles the maintenance of the positions of its members on the outside, says Charles de Courson, MP UDI and former of the Court of Auditors. ‘ Those who remain have missed their careers.

The dangers of the « international tour »

Welcome in the closets of the Republic! Inspection of finance, Social Affairs (Igas), National Education (Igen) or Administration (IGA)… These control bodies, intended to monitor the proper use of public money, have become factories to settle close to the policies. Before the presidential election, dozens of advisers of the Sarkozy-Fillon team have found shelter there, as well as the Court of Auditors and the Council of State, the two courts of control of public power. By using the prerogative of the exterior round, the head of State and the Prime Minister may appoint their loved ones, life, avoiding them to pass the competition. Of course, these agencies publish quality reports, but more and more, they have a role of shelter for senior officials in escheat.

« These closets exist, because the State cannot manage its human resources, particularly its executives at the end of career, » laments Jean-Michel Severino, inspector general of finances, and former Director of the Agence française de développement, party in the private sector. Moreover, an official report from January 2012 acknowledges. The assessment mission of the general Council of the environment and sustainable development (Ceged, the corps of engineers of bridges, of waters and forests), led by Antoine Rufenacht, the former Mayor of le Havre, admits that this instance (252 officials) is « a home to executives indented structure », with an « unofficial end of career management function ».

Clearly, it is a closet. This service, including « the level of staffing is often considered excessive, » makes, unsurprisingly, a « modest » production: 262 reports per year, or barely more than one agent. But it has a « recasage » huge potential: the corps of engineers of bridges, which feeds it, is the largest with 3 900 persons at any time to return to.

A monumental mess

In other inspections, the table is also dark, because they « have little more or less the same function » home frames at the end of career, highlighted in this report. At Bercy, « control-general economic and financial » gathers 308 officials supposed to audit public companies, which are in addition to the 90 inspectors of finance. But these agents, paid up to 12,000 euros per month, have lost much of their missions with privatization.

« The activity is reduced and duplicate with other inspection bodies », underlines one of the controllers. Placed end to end, these posters are considerable. Because it is necessary to add the 157 members of the Igen, 154 of the general Council of agriculture, the Igas 100 and 66 of the IGA, the Ministry of the Interior. In total, a battalion of 1,100 officials experienced – not to mention 439 controllers of the Court of Auditors – is abandoned, so that he could track down the unnecessary expenditure of the State.

The reasons for this mess? First, a lack of control of the activity of these services. Jean Germain, current Mayor of Tours and Socialist Senator of Indre-et-Loire, illustrates the phenomenon. In 2010, the Court of Auditors pinned him to his very low activity during his eighteen years in the Igen: « ten short handwritten notes and a November 2009 report. » Since then, Jean Germain has asserted his rights to the retirement of an employee, without refunding its treatments received during this almost fictional career.

Even pulls – the slackers are entitled to their bonuses

Other elected put in question: Léon Bertrand, the former UMP tourism, appointed to the Igen in 2008 by Nicolas Sarkozy, did that attend to « a dozen meetings between October 2009 and July 2010 ». « His local elective [he was elected in Guyana. » Editor’s note] appeared, because of their importance, difficult to reconcile with an inspection work full time », denounced the Court of Auditors. For the most part, these organizations have noobligation to produce, allowing their members to combine activities, without the risk of overexertion.

The Court of Auditors, of masters so as to exert political activities such as Jean-Louis Bourlanges, former MEP, currently President of think-tank the Institute of the centre; Axel Udani, in charge of the overseas to the PS and Alain Lambert, former Minister of the Budget, which combines his duties at the Court with those of president of the general Council of Orne.

In theory however, the mode of remuneration should punish the Slacker. The Ceged premiums represent only 10% of earnings, and 16% to the General Inspectorate of Finance (for only inspectors general). But they officially reach up to 36% in the Council of State, and even 46% to the Court of Auditors for masters. In fact, according to many controllers, these bonuses are often granted almost automatic way. And many complain of their high opacity: « As there’s no indicator of productivity, these bonuses are awarded by the presidents of Chambers at its discretion », laments a magistrate of the Court of Auditors.

Finally, these derivatives are explained much by the exorbitant power of appointment given to the Executive via the exterior round. In theory, this procedure allows to mix the profiles and careers. In fact, it is often related to the allocation of payments, and does not even respect the minimum skills base. In December 2011, the appointment of Dominique Tiberi, son of the former Mayor of Paris, in the general economic and financial audit at Bercy, was even denied by the Council of State to « insufficient skills ». And theIgen, in 2010, the Court of Auditors denounced « the impossibility of adaptation » of five of the twelve inspectors appointed in the exterior round (between 2002 and 2008), because they « demonstrate professional shortcomings ». To settle in its gilded wardrobes, the State is not very looking!

Hello all were are one

Super rich and celebrities in tax dodge storm HSBC: file leak spark claims that the Bank star used to hide cash
•The accounts show virtual celebrity that wealthy clients
•100 000 reviews documents, including 9 000 in Britain have been disclosed
•David Bowie, Joan Collins and Elle Macpherson amongst the appointed
•It is not illegal to hold an account Switzerland – only be used to avoid tax
•There is no suggestion that there is nothing illegal involved celebrities

10 February 2015

Hollywood stars, legends of music and prominent businessmen have been revealed yesterday held secret with HSBC Swiss accounts – as the Bank has been accused of helping the super-rich to avoid paying taxes.

Leakage of the files of the Bank showed a virtual celebrity that thousands of wealthy clients who held secret accounts, including singers David Bowie, Tina Turner and Phil Collins and the actress Joan Collins.

The files led to accusations arm of HSBC Private Bank had aggressively marketed Swiss accounts to wealthy clients, allowing some hide millions of pounds in accounts undeclared ‘black’ and avoid paying taxes in their country of origin.

Scroll down for video

Leak: Thousands of customers of HSBC were released, Elle Macpherson (right), whose lawyers said that it « took into account the UK tax on the basis of full disclosure in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom ». David Bowie (left with wife Iman), who has also been appointed, said that he is inclined in Switzerland because he lived there

Details: Account Details fled with arm of Swiss banking of HSBC named Joan Collins and Christian Slater

The records of the Bank – containing further particulars of 100 000 customers worldwide, including 8 844 in the United Kingdom – were stolen in 2007 by Hervé Falciani, an expert in computer science working for the Bank in Geneva. Falciani, 43, believes them as an « informant » because he knew tax evaders were using the Bank. He fled to France and gave Records to the authorities.

Panorama programme last night on BBC1 explained that the largest bank of Great Britain had among its wealthy customers helped cheat the country of millions of pounds in tax.

It is not illegal to have a Swiss bank account, but it is illegal to use a secret account to hide assets to avoid paying taxes. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by the celebrities named as deposit accounts.

The revelations have prompted a major political row yesterday after it emerged that the President of the Bank at the time, Stephen Green, now Lord Green, was later appointed Minister in the Government of David Cameron.

Singers Bowie, Turner and Phil Collins and formula 1 star Fernando Alonso said that they Bank in Switzerland, because they lived there. There is no indication one any of them have been involved in illegal tax practices.

Accounting of the actress Joan Collins said that it was cooperating fully with a 2011 HM Revenue & Customs check that finds that it should not any additional tax.

Others named included actor Christian Slater and footballer Diego Forlan.Ils did not respond to requests for comment.

Scandal: Switzerland HSBC Bank, pictured in Geneva, has allowed its customers to remove bricks of cash, allows customers to conceal black ‘black accounts’ and gave accounts to the criminals and corrupt businessmen

Tax claims HSBC: CPS carefully reviews the

Lawyers for Top Model Elle Macpherson, another celebrity on the list, said: « Mrs Macpherson is an Australian citizen who took into account the UK tax on the basis of full disclosure in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom ».

HSBC, which is headquartered in London, said its Swiss branch was not fully integrated into HSBC after its purchase in 1999, allowing ‘significantly lower’ standards of compliance and due diligence. He said he took « significant steps » to enhance security and reform.

In a day of dramatic developments:
•Mutually accused politicians and HMRC to refrain from acting on the alleged tax fraud linked to the accounts.
•Required labour issues face Lord Green on his knowledge of the alleged misconduct at the Bank, while he was president.
•Shadow Ministers called on the Government to say what checks were performed prior to the appointment of Lord Green as Minister of trade.
•The Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent and his wife were linked to an « inactive » account They deny that the money was always held in the account.
•Magnate Richard Caring visited a branch of Geneva from the Bank in 2005 and withdrew £2.25 million in cash; a transaction unmarked upwards by HSBC.
•A friend of Prince Charles, who was a guest at the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton was revealed to have invested millions.

HSBC has admitted that some account holders had taken advantage of the rules of banking secrecy to hold undeclared accounts, but she had « fundamentally changed », said its systems.

Visitors would have « bricks » of cash pulled out of accounts in Switzerland, a tax haven, effectively allowing them to take the money in their country of origin without declaring it to the tax authorities.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent (photographed together last year) were among those named as holding secret Swiss accounts. The account has been « inactive » and they deny that money was still being held in the account

Officials at HMRC were kept the data leaked in 2010 following an investigation in France and looked about 1 000 cases, recover £135 million in tax, interest and penalties.

But the Chairman of the Committee of public accounts, Labour MP Margaret Hodge, questioned the thoroughness of the investigation by HMRC.

She said: « I don’t think that the tax authorities have been strong enough, quite authoritarian, hard enough. »

It raises also questions on knowledge of Lord Green of the scandal, saying: ‘Either he did not know and he was asleep at the wheel, or he knew and then he has therefore participated in questionable tax practices.’

Lord Green declined to comment, telling the Guardian: « As a matter of principle, I will not comment on the Affairs of HSBC, past or present. »

Tax inspector old Richard Brooks told Panorama: « I think that they [HSBC] were a service tax avoidance and tax evasion. » I think that’s what they offered.

« They knew well that people came to them to dodge their tax obligations.

Hello all were are one

Ed Miliband emits a warning UK-controlled « tax havens ».

Ed Miliband: tax havens have ‘six months’ to open their books or face « international action ».

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Related Stories
•Companies global ‘need for new tax rules.
•Banner of tax haven of the island « not fair ».
• »Tax havens » are suitable for the Suppression of

A Labour Government would push for the British territories overseas be registered on an international black list if they refuse to cooperate with a car against tax evasion, Ed Miliband has told them.

In a letter to their leaders , he said, they have six months to compile a public registry of companies offshore.

If they did not, they could be placed on a list of « tax havens » and incur sanctions.

Conservative Treasury Minister David Gauke critical plan, said that Mr Miliband did not understand the question.

Mr Miliband told BBC News: « billions of pounds are lost in tax avoidance. Today we are serving notice on tax havens related to Britain that they must open their books within six months of a Labour Government, or to face international action. »

« Enveloped in darkness.

Letter from Mr Miliband is sent to the British territories overseas – Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, the Turks and Caicos, Gibraltar and Montserrat – and dependencies of the Crown in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

« If any territory of overseas or the dependency of the Crown does not meet this deadline, we will ask the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to put on the black list of tax havens by the OECD », he said.

The leaders of the G20 – composed of 19 largest economies in the world, plus the European Union – have already agreed to impose sanctions against countries blacklisted by the OECD.


Political analysis by Chris Mason, correspondent, BBC News

The premise of case work is to plant an idea in mind that there is a pot of money for the British Treasury, if only the coalition tried more difficult. Work cited research suggesting almost 5 billion £ per annum is plu the British Treasury on tax evasion in financial centres offshore.

There is lot of money – if it is a precise estimate – and money, they are eager to. But it is unlikely to be simple or fast.

First of all, the British Crown dependencies and overseas territories are independent: the United Kingdom cannot force him to do something about taxation or financial regulations. There is a huge difference between tax evasion, which is illegal and tax evasion, which is not.

‘Black list’ is decided by an international agreement, the United Kingdom required. We’ll start a significant international conversation and we will drive through change, the work says.

A source of senior officials of the Government on one of the islands concerned told me that they had private meetings with work. Figures of the party, said the source, had struck a much more emollient tone then – and it dismissed as the public cry of an election campaign.


OECD list of uncooperative tax havens » has been empty since 2009, although 38 jurisdictions are on a list of those who » committed to improving transparency and to establish effective exchange of information in tax matters « .

Written by Mr Miliband territories and dependencies are all on this list.

Work submitted overseas territories and Crown dependencies could contribute to stop or evasion of the stem showing the tax authorities that diverted money into companies there.

The Cayman Islands is one of the courts written by Mr Miliband

In a speech to a conference of labour in Nottingham Saturday, Mr Miliband said : « more than 18 months ago David Cameron has promised to shed light on tax havens related to the United Kingdom. But the light. Their affairs are still to be drilled in the dark. »

« Britain lost billions of pounds in lost revenues that could be invested in our future.  »

Mr Miliband also rejected claims that labour was anti-Business, saying: « It is not in favour of the business to defend tax avoidance. »

Former Minister Lord Mandelson backed Mr Miliband’s position on tax avoidance.

Speaking at today of Radio 4 program, he said: « the truth is, we see international companies developing new modes of game system [tax], establish one regulatory authority against another.  »

Referring to labour spat recently with business leaders including boss Stefano Pessina tax boots, Lord Mandelson said Labour had two months before the elections to show Mr Miliband can ‘make a deal for businesses ‘.

There was a « determination to portray him [Mr Miliband] in a very negative way », he said.

«Collapsed in chaos.

« People will their best to return to every stray Word, taken out of context and to represent it as fundamentally anti-corporate ».

« I do not think that he [Mr Miliband] is against the company – it is good business practice. » It is in favour of the company’s responsibility, but it is the major part of the company itself in favour of good commercial practice. »

Conservative Treasury Minister David Gauke said: « the great ideas of Ed Miliband has collapsed into chaos within hours of its announcement. » It does not seem to understand that the United Kingdom is the only country in the OECD is committed to a public central registry.

« He wants as the OECD on the blacklist of countries if they do not the same thing as us. » But that would mean a black list of each OECD countries outside the United Kingdom – countries like the United States, the France and the Germany. Once more, it is clear that Ed Miliband is simply not up to par. »

At the Summit of the G8 in June 2013, the Prime Minister announced an agreement between the overseas territories and dependencies of the Crown of the United Kingdom to join the Suppression of tax evasion.

The Islands and outposts all agreed to adhere to the multilateral Convention on Mutual Assistance in tax matters – an initiative led by the OECD.

They also agreed to publish national action plans on the real property, detailing the true owners of so-called societies ‘shell.

So far, none of the territories have followed lead of the United Kingdom by creating their own public central register, saying that they would not change that there is international action.

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