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I listened to a broadcast, on a TV from the NET not pique worms, the info than that, it may be 2014-10-05 today is entitled not the INFO(apparemment, ça se prononce passe l’info) 05/10/14, a sacred revelation, which I wasn’t aware, but a bomb in the middle of the secret services, counsel for MERHA made the revelation that MEHRA was part of the secret services , and, apparently, as the exfiltration of MERAH, it went wrong, and you know the sequel, ‘the killer to the scooter ‘, tinned, I mean, do not rely on your self saying peeps, if you do parties of those there,

After, I listened and watched a video on METATV, which dealt with different cases, Dini defended by his valiant (no, not Knight, although it is very average age, that’s it, yes!)and super good lawyer, super good, because I know a lot, which would have dropped the matter, or business, and legally, it holds the road, and not that a little, Mr DANGLEHANT, on this video, he explains, how, one of judge MARC BAILLY (excuse for spelling, if it is not ca) I think, to consider DIEUDONNÉ guilty or complicit in the dissemination of the video of Ahmed MOUALECK , or BOUALECK (excuse, for spelling), while Ahmed MOUALECK, had his video. WOAWH! How to discredit an actor or a comedian (it is the case), or other people, kind MARIE LAFORÊT and others certainly that was take for mad or stress, and break someone’s life (as the captain of police, who had never had any history, well noted by his superiors and that for more than 20 pins, and from one day to the nextHe starts to violate a Canadian, Mmouai…! ) Knowing in more effectively than what he or she says to defend themselves is true, a fake trick, ARCHIFAUX, they make it real. Still, on this video, This is the story of a guy , no, I there redone you, but this is the story of a guy who bought a building in SCI with his buddy, who is nothing less than one of the directors of Crédit AGRICOLE (in the region of PERPIGNAN), short, who had tired of warmed, and they therefore purchased their building the guy realized that the credit he had done to the Bank was (drum(, somehow) because the CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank, it is what it says, changed the monthly payments, and therefore, he found himself with an injunction of formal notice of seizure or something, approaching him, and the terms of the credit agreement had been changed, in short, the Bank had made a fake, if you watch the video, or there is, Master DANGLEHANT, even if it is more, and this would be unfair, for me this, will remain master (name of the video: sensational revelations on…)They even go to make pressure on the lawyer in question, possibly requesting judicial sanctions, we feel That Mr DANGLEHAN , is close to the truth, this again proves his skill and his good liver.Like, said this man, it is the law of the 80.20,.

20% of corrupt lawyers, represent 80% of good and loyal advocates, I see that there are no that Mte DANGLEHANT

Which is in the same case Case DUBRUEL, definitely, some avocaillons the toothbrush does is gene not to fuck their boyfriends, I thought that secret services was the only BEN, NON.I do not know, but when things heat up, I like although there is my back, BEN Hartsock!LA, Y A no problem, to ensure the rear, ILS ASSURENT for although TE LA put deep Fortunately, only to the RIMAP, REP, RPIMA, hunters mountain, marine, FUMACO, and I forget…SNSM(pas militaire,mais civile,pareil… ! qu’il y en a de moins en moins deles de crevures,il y en aura toujours,mais,c’est mecs là en général ont deles de couilles,eux.)

Since the 1962 referendum, the presidential election takes place in uninominal universal suffrage. If a candidate gets lhas absolute majority of the votes cast (half of these votes over a voice) in the first round, he was elected. Otherwise, a second round was held two weeks later to decide between the two candidates arrived at the top in the first round. There, the candidate who obtains the simple majority is elected

During an election, to get the absolute majority must be that 50% + 1 vote of the votes cast (valid votes, non-white) is a person, a party, an association, etc. This, never seen,but assume that there is only one round. ! Absolute majority, to what is already, AaHhh, it is 50% + 1%, or 51%,

AH!Some bags again, fill with this old story of ecotax, reminder ‘ ECOMOUV: 200 employees, methinks, Arcelor Mittal = a thousand employees 1100salariesde Gandrange, exactly, MORY – DUCROS = 2800 On continue750 employees – on the 1,173, Goodyear rogue bosses », approximately 750 employees – on the 1 173 that the plant has. »Then it is true 200 employees, it’s a lot, but let’s be serious, the State has shut his mouth for Gandrange, and other GAD-MORY-DUCROS is not 200 jobs, which will make the difference to growth, and even less on the curve of FIR, this is unfortunate, but it will even not be, more

When at the shipyards, let me laugh, you want to work companies like VINCI (veolia), as BEAUVAIS, the point of having the girl TRIMMING Agency real estate PARAGE0 beauvais60 agency IMMOBILIERE BEAUVAIS: Mairie.com (as by chance, it is the Fourth Deputy Mayor, it’s crazy, ca!), those on which, you earned a maximunm of wheat,(le béton ne coute pas cher), I presume, and on which you promise to mayors and Councillors regional or departmental them build their house (secondary or not), or, if it finds a place in the Chamber, or giving a small baksheesh 200 uou300 €000, I presume, and en +, when it is really important traxvaux, as put dikes in a common and other elargissemenents of water routesthen, stop crying about your 800 potatoes, made 2 years, you need to shoot, and parter at least clientele.

Migants in Italy , I would go back, if I recall well Navy LEPEN, EH, Yes, yet she already had, warned the European commission will roll up the sleeves, it was at the time, LAMPEDUSA, like, you make, as usual, there is a resurgence of migrants, which, the Italy, don’t know what to do, but as LOGUE MARINE said, it is the source that must intervene for Lampedusa, was yemen, apparently, is Syria, then, I noticed that some groups EI push by the qatar(ENCORE LUI) and Saudi Arabia, and that well suits israel, attacking BASHAR AL ASSAD conflict in Syria: challenges for its neighbours?-L…quote, I realize that it is, as the rest, palestine, GAZA, them is so-called cease-fire with GAZA.
Langue source

et super bon avocat, super bon ,parce que, j’en connais beaucoup, qui auraient lâchés l’affaire ,ou les affaires, et juridiquement, il tient la route, et pas qu’un peu ,Mr DANGLEHANT ,sur cette vidéo, il explique ,comment, un des juge MARC BAILLY (excusez pour l’orthographe, si c’est pas ça)je crois, à considérer DIEUDONNE coupable ou complice de la diffusion de la vidéo d’AMHED MOUALECK


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