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First and foremost, I must welcome, Mr DUCASSE(Maitre DUCASSE) Alain, not for what he is (although, I doubt not the quality of its dishes), but above all, on what he said about Mr BOCCUS, I admit not long, but it has enough to attract my eyes about how he perceived his roots (BOCCUS, among others) and also on learning, that the given and, which apparently he had earlier succeeded, in the person of Roman, which must certainly have a role of Ambassador of the DUCASSE House, or other, as well as the young MICKAEL serving, which « would surely again, finish to its classes ».What I liked, in all this, is not to make LECHE BAND BLUES(Eh oui,lui aussi,fait partie de mes classi que EddyMitchell, ceci,c’est pour les étrangers,qui ne connaitraient pas) but, because I realize that we have a P-T-N of heritage, and, sometimes, we forget that, that it sells, factories, jewels of the economy airports.Kind ACERLOR MITTAL(vous ne croyez,quand même pas)

That I you will pass through x, 2008-2013) SARKO, ALSTOM(HOLLAND,VALLS), toulouse Airport (VALLS), that is, why, I’m happy to have, BOCCUS, DUCASSE, (Roman, Mickael.pour take the suite, please me sieur DUCASSE)

October 15, 2013, one learns the suicide of Mr Alain Vigneron, worker of ArcelorMittal Liège. In a letter, he explained his gesture: « my small wife and my daughter, I want you to know that I love you but Mr Mittal has it all over again me: pride, politeness and the courage to fight for my family.  »RIP

Must be made at Rothschild what belongs to Rothschild: debt…(for francophones)

To combat tax evasion, which better than Juncker

Even if this wrote the 15.11.2014, the ploitique to the Luxembourg does not change and is not ready to change, whether people, such as this remain at the controls, replacing Juncker, will do exactly same pareil(,Pourquoi,l’a –t-on mis là?) it.


Jean-Claude Juncker November 12, 2014 in Brussels. REUTERS

Juncker, affected by the revelations of the tax practices of the Luxembourg press, counterattack. This can make smile. In fact, having the Presidency of the Commission the former Prime Minister of the first tax haven in the European Union is perhaps a chance.

Revelations of forty international newspapers highlighting the role played by the Luxembourg in the development of very imaginative tax practices to large enterprises of all countries to escape partly tax (« LuxLeaks ») were a harsh blow for Jean-Claude Juncker, who was eighteen years Prime Minister of this country, position he had with Minister of financeMinister of labour and employment and Minister of the Treasury. The man who served as long as these responsibilities could hardly say that he knew nothing of these practices.

The counter-attack

The response by the new president of the European Commission, November 12 to the press: and to the European Parliament is very clear: the tax law has always been respected and the practice which is charged to the Luxembourg tax ruling (tax Rescript), exist in twenty-two States members of the Union.

If we stick to the letter of the texts, Jean-Claude Juncker is absolutely right. It is common practice that large companies should report to the tax authorities how they intend to calculate their taxable profits so as to avoid any dispute. And the administration chooses to validate this method by a Rescript or do not validate. In all the countries concerned, this way of working obviously allows companies to better use, and safe, tax texts whose complexity can lead to different interpretations. But the presence of thousands of specialists in tax law at the Luxembourg and how local law is used to escape the tax in the country of origin of the concerned firms suggest that the Luxembourg practice of the Rescript goes well beyond what is done in other countries.

Let’s laugh a little,Yes it is ca laugh

Jean-Claude Juncker implicitly admits when it recognizes, in terms very elegantly chosen, that the’interaction’ between the different national rules can lead to tax rates « weak », or even little « compliant tax justice » and to the ‘ ethical and moral standards generally accepted « . Cannot use language more watered down to mean acts that are simply in the field of tax evasion.

Jean-Claude Juncker makes us smile when he says have worked throughout his life for greater tax harmonisation. All those who have followed the discussions on the taxation of savings in Europe will enjoy thinking back to the obstacles that the Luxembourg and other countries have placed on the road to those who sought to establish rules of the game less favourable to tax havens.

But the new president of the Commission is right when he points out that genuine harmonisation of methods of calculation of the tax base would be a major step forward. It remains to be seen what he will do on this ground that the France and the Germany began trying to clear, without much success so far.

Concrete proposals

In the meantime, it has learned with interest that Pierre Moscovici, new Commissioner in charge of economic and financial affairs, taxation and customs, must prepare a draft directive which would introduce the automatic exchange of information about these famous tax Rescripts. In addition, Jean-Claude Juncker is committed to propose in Brisbane on 15 and 16 November, at the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the G20, an extension of this system of automatic exchange of information across the international financial community.

Don’t dream, even if the subject is actually discussed, there are fort to bet it will a time certain to lead to concrete actions.

But ultimately, we cannot help thinking that this is finally a chance to have a Luxembourg at the head of the Commission at this time. A president come from another country could argue the complexity of the problem for doing nothing. Jean-Claude Juncker, solely because of his nationality and his previous posts, is obliged to act otherwise be suspected from all the complaisance.

This kind of thinking certainly has its limits: entrusting justice to criminals is not necessarily a good idea. But it can be effective, on two conditions: first, that the past of the incumbent of the position is known to all, that there is a real transparency and, then, that there be a mobilization of opinion strong enough to compel him to undertake actions to which it would not spontaneously thought. In the specific case of Jean-Claude Juncker and tax evasion, these two conditions are met: everyone knows who he is and most States have such budgetary difficulties that they are favourable to a more rigorous control of the tax practice of companies, provided that this movement is international.

The light of projectors can be troublesome

Other European Commissioners are in a situation comparable to that of their president. Thus, Pierre Moscovici, from countries including the management of public finances has been lax for several decades, knows that it is monitored and that the slightest sign of leniency towards the France would be immediately considered suspect. It is the Spanish Miguel Arias Cañete, in charge of climate and energy, former president of two oil companies, to whom the slightest misstep could be fatal. If the calls for the resignation of Jean-Claude Juncker were not very heard this time, they could be if it or one of its Commissioners did not show up to the responsibilities entrusted to them.

Contrary to what many believe, Jean-Claude Juncker choice therefore is likely to prove to be quite sensible.

In the same idea, one might wonder if the British will not soon regret to appoint Jonathan Hill Commissioner responsible for financial stability, financial services and the Union’s capital markets: it may be very difficult to this lord distinguished from the interests of the City as a Commissioner while in previous commissions, placed some of his compatriots to positions less able to work discreetly in this sense. The most effective exercises are generally in the shade. That is why Germans and British are fighting fiercely in Brussels to management positions that the French, obsessed by the most prestigious positions of Commissioner or president, neglect wrongly.

How SARKOZY did us it backwards!2014 – UPR vs European Union

Tax havens are a reality, a reality that is expensive for our post-natal care economies, a reality that destroys our societies (V. Truffy _ Mediapart)

12% of European household financial wealth would be held in tax havens. Nothing that for the three major economies of the eurozone, the Germany, the Italy and the France, EUR 900 billion are hidden in tax havens. 5.6 millions of our young European citizens mired in unemployment, this sum is indecent and these figures are a mirage. However, tax havens are a reality, a reality that is expensive for our post-natal care economies, a reality that destroys our societies.

In all European countries, multinational companies realize substantial sales without paying one euro of tax, avoiding the public accounts recovery effort and domiciliant their profits in tax havens. In all countries of Europe, organized crime networks proliferate with little looking banks. In all countries of Europe, extremist political movements are progressing according to the revelations about corruption scandals. How long will we still tolerate such nestled tax havens of warts in the heart of Europe? These harmful States have generated financial crises, aggravated the budget crisis and fueled the democratic crisis. Three years after the speech of the Bourget, we know our enemy, but what do we expect to act against this finance gnawing away at our economies and our societies?

Optimists will respond us that the European Union has finally validate the passage to the automatic exchange of tax information between States and that thus no tax haven can longer hide behind banking secrecy. This exchange works, must leave the naive assumption that tax havens will actually provide the requested information. We know that this will not be the case: nothing is intended to verify that they will do well and no sanction is explicitly provided for those who do not play the game.

We therefore share the sincere belief that only truly has the international balance of forces and that tax havens will bend under the threat of sanctions . If the Governments of the Germany, the Italy and the France resumed sovereign control over funds hidden in tax havens, 29 billion euros in tax revenues would be recovered. In times of crisis, while European Governments ask our fellow citizens to the financial sacrifices without precedents, how acquiesce a little more these attacks on our sovereignty?

Nothing condemns us to impotence. Tax havens have the characteristic of being the financial giants, but also dwarves political and economic. Without further ADO, we propose a new method, around a new alliance.

We are asking that the three largest economies of the eurozone, all three directed by coalitions where sit with Democrats, closer and apply without delay to the tax havens of the sanctions proportionate to the financial losses they inflict. Banking secrecy is nothing else than a form of disguised subsidy for banks located in tax havens. It’s a distortion of competition and therefore a breach of the rules of the WTO. According to the rules of this organization, States are entitled to impose retaliatory trade equal to the harm they suffer. If our countries join, they may compel tax havens to abandon banking secrecy, jointly imposing customs duties on goods they import from these countries, or by applying financial embargo measures. The Swiss example gives an idea of the balance of power that we create: the Germany, the Italy and the France represent 35% of the country’s exports, while the Switzerland accounts for only 5% of our opportunities. By imposing tariffs of 30%, we could use the force of international law to force that country to abandon banking secrecy and out of the shadows. What do we expect to act?

In the wake of Greek elections crucial for the future of our continent, our leaders have a duty to reconcile peoples with public action. We must tell the truth to our people: there is no sustainable crisis without the Pas de L’ombre finance.

(V. Truffy _ Mediapart)

The Iraqi army killed two British planes carrying weapons for the EIIL!

The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? | 2012: What’s the… to translate into the language of SENCO

7 Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor Family of Britain) German & Greek usurpers of the British Crown.

In the photo, I’ve seen I counted 19 (19 missiles, which were to be delivered), unfortunately I can not, you the shown, because, when I put photos on GOOGLE, it does me them not, but it’s 19, I have recomptais where .through against, I can give you the link, like this, you. better realize.

The Iraqi army killed two British planes carrying weapons for the EIIL!

-The Iraqi army has shot two had British because they carried weapons for terrorists ofEIIL in Al-Anbar province, has disclosed a top parliamentarian Monday.

Published by Veterans Today Military Foreign affairs, journal for the Clandestine Community

February 24, 2015

Tehran (FNA) – The Iraqi army has shot two had British because they carried weapons for terrorists ofEIIL in Al-Anbar province, has disclosed a top parliamentarian Monday.

« The Committee of national security and the defence of the Iraqi Parliament had access to photos of the two British planes and who crashed while they carried weapons for the EIIL » said the head of the Committee Hakem al-Zameli, according to a report Monday from the information centre in Arabic of the supreme Council Islamic Iraqi.

He said that the Iraqi Parliament asked explanations to London in this regard.

The Iraqi Parliament has unveiled that the Baghdad Government receives daily reports of people and the security forces in the province of al-Anbar, on many flights by planes of the coalition under American command which dropped weapons and supplies for the EIIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) in areas held by the terrorists.

The Iraqi Parliament also noted the cause of these Western aid to the terrorist group and said that the United States prefers a chaotic situation in Anbar province which is near the cities of Karbala and Baghdad, as they did not want the crisis EIIL ceases.

Earlier today, a top Iraqi provincial official has blasted Western countries and its regional allies to support terrorists Takfiri in Iraq, revealing that American and Israeli weapons was discovered in areas purged the EIIL terrorists.

« We discovered weapons in the us, European countries and Israel in areas freed from control of the EIIL in region Al-Baqdadi, » reports the web site of information Al-Ahad (…).

He noted that the weapons made by European countries and Israel benefiting terrorists in the eastern parts of the city of Ramadi has been discovered.

Al-Zameli had also disclosed in January that the anti-EIIL coalition aircraft have dropped weapons and food products for the EIIL in Salahuddin, Al-Anbar and Diyala provinces.

Al-Zameli underlined that the coalition is the primary cause of the survival of the EIIL in Iraq.

« There is evidence and testimonies of the military help of the coalition led by the USA to the terrorists of the EIIL by air (cargo abandoned) » said anf in January.

He noted that the members of his Committee have already proved that American planes dropped advanced weapons, including anti-aircraft weapons, for the EIIL and that it has installed an investigative Committee to explore the issue.

« The USA leave fall of weapons for the EIIL using the excuse of not knowing location positions of the EIS and he tries to distort the reality with its allegations. »

He noted that the Committee had collected data and evidence provided by eyewitnesses, including officers of the Iraqi army and the popular forces, and said:  » these documents are submitted to the commission of inquiry… and the necessary measures will be taken to protect Iraqi airspace . » ».

Also in January, another Iraqi legislator reiterated that the US-led coalition is the main cause of the survival of the EIIL in Iraq.

« The international coalition is only an excuse for the protection of the EIIL and helping the terrorist group with equipment and weapons » said Jome couch, who is a member of the al-Sadr bloc in the Iraqi Parliament.

He said that the support of the coalition against the EIIL is now obvious to everyone, and continued, « the coalition has not targeted the main positions of the EIS in Iraq. »

In late December, the Committee of national security and the defence of the Iraqi Parliament has disclosed that an American plane has provided the terrorist organization weapons and ammunition in the Salahuddin province. (…)

He added that the US and the international coalition are not « serious in the fight against the Organization EIIL, because they have the technological power to determine the presence of gunmen of the EIS and destroy them in one month

The Canadian people wins a trial ‘historic’ against the Bank of the Canada

On January 26, the collective citizen COMER (Committee on monetary and economic reform) comes to ‘wear the blow’ to the Canadian Central Bank in the trial between them.

Counsel for this collective of resistance has proven that the Bank was controlled by banks private since 1974 and did condemn so that it is now in the service of the country. When will come the turn ofEurope ?

Why Canadians allow private banks to take advantage of the public debt while legally, the Bank of Canada must guarantee loans without interest as it did during the Great Depression, the second world war and the Trente Glorieuses?

This is the question posed several years Ann Emmett, William Krehm, and the Committee on economic and monetary reform, the COMER, represented by the famous Constitutionalist lawyer Rocco Galati (see photo).

Three judges of the Federal Court of the Canada gave them reason on 26 January, reiterating that the Bank should power issue without interest of themoney for the needs of the Government.

This trial, because revolutionary, was obviously covered by any mass media to the Canada or internationally: « it is obvious that the Government asked the media to shut up, but I cannot reveal my sources », said Rocco Galati, who has called ‘quiet dictatorship’, the perpetual debt crisis maintained by the monopoly of the private banks on lending money to the Government.

On the site of COMER, nothing has yet put online about the decision following the hearing of the case on January 26. However, the discounts of all other judicial bodies in this regard therein. So much more that taking under advisement of an also cause can take several months, and not a week or two, especially when we know the volume of causes that this tribunal has borne.

Our dear friends Americans, versus Central Bank

The Agency Info free offers you dive back into the history of the creation of the United States of America. How this people which has a history of two centuries as managed to control the political world these days? How these ideas of freedom and equality can be considered as misleading and unfair in the light of the various elements of the story knowingly concealed by the elite since the creation of the United States?

Why has this country become the champion of globalism, ruled by people elected per person in the name of democratic values?

Our dear American friends, episode 1: from the origins to the extermination of the Indians

Our dear American friends, episode 2: the war of independence to the financial crises of the end of the 19th century.

It is important that all people understand that all the misfortunes of mankind come from this great manipulation who stole the intended of peoples and their updates into slavery by the privatization of central banks providing loans with interest.

Our taxes and taxes are more used to finance the support of the State, but offer a refund of the interest to the creditors of debt, annuitants that vivid of the fruit of the work of others without sharing, and those that melts the evasion and that volunteers us.



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