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I wanted to go to I TV a tribute, as the chain, the most stupid and uneducated of PAF in him theAward (that is, like that, kon di)ignorance, IGNIAWARD, record,dethrones BFM, low hats; tell me, you have a secret, you find or, because more c…

It is not possible, Ah, I know, you have taken courses, small malins.je knew that you had a trick!

This record was acquired, because this bald man in sunglasses (you tell me, is a lot, it is true), but it is characterized by the number of bullshit said in less than 10 seconds, frankly, Lentz! Very, very little, arrive at its level.

It that we realise, stupidity, and debility of some they are the Government, or on television, because in both cases, they are sick, (good, nothing to do, but I said it anyway) again, so that, all the world know

Be aware that I’m part of no party, no lobbies, that I’m not xenophobic, not homophobic, racist, and that I’m just a citizen who has tired of see tench at the controls, and the fact that I choose MARINE LEPEN, as President and the fact that I choose who I want, which appears to me to be able to represent me

Because I assume that DAVID ROCKEFELLER, and DE CASTRIE, when they represent, it’s not by buffoons, and well me is such and not talking with arguments of inferiority of simpleton vandan but they have the money, me their answer, Yeah but I have a pair of balls, 2 arms and 2 legs and a brain, a trick that I have in option(ils sont faits comme moi, pourquoi aurait plus le droit d’exister que moi ou d’autres.,) Moreover, one wonders, how to, certain, arrived or are there!

I resumed, Navy LEPEN being largely able to do better than these tench which I think should not be too hard, (I was in places me doubt, that deception was at this point, if important, say that I went in your direction, because only gentlemen ladies, do make wheat (of money) on our face (figure) on the grounds that)

Your forefathers have bossés for you.Finally, bossés, quickly, it is speculated, or rip off would be more accurate, short

the simple fact of being of haves, do give you some rights, but rather duties, in short a goat you will always a goat.

Say that I thought what I was doing and the tracts for which, for the MRAP(Le Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples (MRAP) is a French association non-governmental, created in 1949 by former resistance fighters and deportees from the second world war, which defines itself as a way to claim for « equality of rights between all citizens »)

I distributed, and I wasn’t the only one when I abondais in your direction left

I am therefore as a subject, or, citizens, and prefer Navy LEPEN and his party.This, look at me not to, nothing to which either

has no part, whether it’s to the FN to the left or to the right, my choice goes to the more capable, that I believe to be Navy LEPEN, I would like to say that lot, one tries to me, us

recover, the left, among others and the left front, left, who says of my values, and I’ve never been also piss off that when they were in power, I realized, that we wanted me to swallow snakes, and that the so-called left, or the right bid, did that one and was sponsored, if you can call the sponsorising

by some well placed, all french and foreign Governments and especially by the masons Franks who will still believe in ancient Egypt, kind: it is naughty, wicked, not beautiful, and HOP threat of attacks, or other (Attention DAECH)

Ofcourse, there are terrorists, but our secret services and our armed forces are supposed to stop them, but I urge that some fear is only a means, but I could be wrong, of course!

I, the other day with friends, and one of them BRETON, familiar enough long island in Finistère, I asked him, as here to discuss, so with zef, that there are in General, the lower surface well clear, not tree, or it is hard to hold an umbrella, if fly a drone with a such zef 30 mph and besidesgusts

It wasn’t déconnant, it me adit could fly a drone with this zef, but need to be an expert and have a lot of luck, if we wanted to reach a target, that on the other hand, it’s less obvious

Therefore drones, on the what, there are never the drivers?MMmmouaihh!

(before, it was the whip, it’s crazy, like, it arrive full of thing, at the same time, it’s crazy, that we want and that is held absolutely and systematically)

There is a left and a right example, why, it would be 2 or 3 part to engage, but only en, takes the 3rd, which is not part of the plan, example Navy LEPEN in France, the UKIP in England, has every time, we are trying to make us believe that such portion is nazi, or anti semites, because some Germans for example , refuses an islamasisation, some do is gene not to distort the meaning of the words is so easy, as they have done for the photo like that, its actually better to say that they are anti – islam, to say that they are against the islamisation of society, islam, which they won’t is gener type (GAZA)

vote Brrrrrrrooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, not for them, said the beast)

I remembered these sick of Masons francs, but who think they can enslave us, little words for them, but gentlemen ladies, the leviathan is not yet awake, do, worry, they will not forget you.

For the Germans, and for the people of common sense, as it is very easy to change the meaning of a photo, as well as the meaning of people’s behavior,

The events of Monday in Germany: the conspiracy how want to make low hand on the pacifism

the question is, why?

Transversal pacifist movement or conspiracy events with strong overtones of extreme-right? Every Monday, the « Montagsdemos » together in Germany a disparate crowd mobilised against the war, the United States, and the « misinformation ».Last Saturday, in the heart of Berlin at Potsdamer Platz, where twenty-five years earlier stood the wall which you can still see relics at a few metres away, stood a federal staging « Vigils for peace ». Under a crushing Sun, approximately 2000 people responded to the call of the « Montagsdemos » (the Monday demonstrations), a movement that, since spring, heard a little dissonant music at the margins of German policy.Every Monday so in 30 cities in Germany – including Berlin, Dortmund, Bremen, Frankfurt or Jena – but also in Switzerland and Austria, gathers under the consensual slogan of ‘peace in the world’, a disparate crowd. « She claims (in VO) the legacy of the protest movement of the same name, which in 1989 marked the beginning of the end of the GDR, turning into a giant protests, where hundreds of thousands of people marching to the cry of: ‘We the people’. »Capitalism, it is crap « launched and relayed on social networks, the movement wants to display a consensual face. On Potsdamer Platz, the atmosphere smells good hippie pacifism. Between family, young followers wearing a bag proclaiming « capitalism, it is crap » and rockabillies slicked sipping a beer, it’s hostility to the war and the German Government which dominates. According to a study by the Research Institute of the social movements of the Technical University of Berlin, two-thirds of them « felt exceeded the left-right distinction ». Conducted online among participants in the Berlin events, the survey reported that they claim to have voted at 42.6% for Die Linke, the party of the radical left, 12.2 per cent for the Greens, 15.4% for the pirate party, and 12.8% for Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), the Eurosceptic party which made its entry to the European Parliament.Conspiracy trends and pro-Russian ehind the principles seethes a rather troubled ideological BREW. Anti-Americanism dominates. « Yankees Go Home, Leave Europe alone », proclaims a sign while a poster called « turning the junta in power in Kiev » in the middle of photos of bloody bodies… The Ukrainian crisis served as catalyst to the movement – even if this Saturday, it is also against the Israeli intervention that we protest. Other signs call to remove the US Federal Reserve, intended to hide behind « NATO-fascism ». Later, demonstrators deploy side-by-side a banner against the influence of chemtrails, those white streaks of supposed aircraft spread chemical products handling the atmosphere, and on the other a Palestinian flag. Not to mention a handful of « Reichsbürger » , these secessionists who dispute the existence of a Federal Republic of Germany, it as being illegal.It leads from the conspiracy as figures of proueIci, so a « media war » against « mental manipulation ». On stage, stand the two central figures of the movement. Lars Märholz, its founder and master of ceremonies, presents itself as apolitical, forgetting its passage by the wing National-Liberal FDP, the German liberal party now dormant, and contacts of long date with extreme right-wing activists. At his side, the companion of the first hours, Ken Jebsen. With its flow of submachine gun, the former radio host passed dishes among stakeholders. In 2011, he was dismissed by his employer, the RBB radio, for anti-Semitic slippages. Since then, it communicates from his website, KenFM , and YouTube videos of interviews intended to demystify the « lies of the mainstream press ».Conspiracy and pro-Russian trends, behind online Jürgen Elsässer. Chief Editor of anti-American and anti-Zionist Compact, created in 2010, that multiplies the presentations on the new world order and on 11 September, the latter is expressed regularly during the Montagsdemos. According to the weekly Die Zeit, he became one of the main « the Kremlin propagandists » across the Rhine: he recently published a collection of Russian president’s speech and also offers to the readers of his newspaper trips organised in Crimea… The « conference for sovereignty » that organizes the journal hosted in 2013 among its guests Béatrice Bourges of the demonstration for all, and Elena Mizoulina, m.p. ultraconservative Duma of Russian homophobic laws enacted in 2013. The theme? « The future of the family ».The radical left to the far right e motion tent, according to his opponents, to operate a « transverse front » (« Querfront ») between extreme right and radical left. The rallying last may Pedram Shahyar, militant anti-globalization and Attac Germany figure, and that of Diether Dehm, Die Linke member of Parliament, have suggested a turning point. But was disowned by his party. In a May 31 release, Die Linke is « distanced himself without ambivalence of the activities of extreme right, nationalist and conspiracy, using the fear of a war and an escalation of the situation [in Ukraine] to make the Monday demonstrations part of their vision of the populist and right handed world and make it more acceptable to their cross-cutting strategy ».But more and more groupusculaires and conspiracy claims and controversial personality of Jürgen Elsässer put a stop to this dynamic, causing a split within the movement, which is divided into two processions. The transverse front has for now to lead in the wing. As much as the manifestation of last Saturday (July 19), announced to gather 10,000 people from all over Germany finally hosted a five times fewer public.

Behind the banner of Podemos, the Spaniards demonstrate mass against austerity, who wants to recover the Spanish movement, as in Greece, syriza, which?Mélenchon, franc macon

We send the frontde left and the rest follows, then the left!AH!, but it is always the House that feast, this is not Jean Luc, c’est ça.

Tens of thousands of Spaniards have invested the streets of Madrid Saturday, January 31, at the call of the party Podemos anti-austerite, who hopes to follow the example of the radical left Syriza in Greece. The cries of « Yes, we can! » and « tick tock tick tock, it’s time for change », the demonstrators reminded the president of the conservative Mariano Rajoy that polls give Podemos ahead of voting intentions for regional elections in May and legislative at the end of the year.

This gathering is the largest ever organized by the resulting from the movement of the « unworthy » party, founded a year ago beware, you are very young with an old veteran like him, mef

. The market comes less than a week after the victory Sunday of the Syriza left party, whose leaders have regularly been campaigning alongside those of Podemos.

From two European countries who have experienced the hardest crisis, with still over a fifth of their workforce unemployed, Podemos and Syriza share the same rejection of the ‘troika’, a term which refers to the Central Bank, the commission European and international monetary fund. According to them it is necessary to put an end to the empire of international finance who forgets the human and the question of a debt restructuring.

Present at Madrid, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, AH, the franc macon, the man who plays with the fragility of the people, and also on the misfortune of others, that does not fear

Candidate of the left Front in the presidential election of 2012 in France, estimated that Europe was shaken « by a political earthquake « « », this strong surprise me that happening in 2017, as this is certainly not him that will be chosen, we saw that it was with these small left classmates, he said left/DROITEc ‘ is the same AH, good I thought it was different, AH BEN

Heck, then, it would have deceived me unbeknownst to my complains gre!

The Belgians demonstrate against austerity, are also, like us, they have made avoir.ils have reason

Brussels – 6 nov 2014 – Thursday, the Belgian market against austerity was punctuated by incidents at the end of the procession. Two cars were overturned and rubbish bins set on fire by a handful of more radical protesters. The police have made use of guns in water. The riot police came under stone-throwing. Earlier at midday, between 120,000 and 130,000 people marched in the streets of Brussels. A historic mobilization. The protesters are challenging economic and social reforms of the new right-wing Government, especially against the decline in the age of retirement. A small Council of Ministers should meet in the evening, in the presence of the three main unions. Rotating strikes are planned in the provinces in the coming weeks, before a general strike December 15 throughout the country.

After charlie hebdo, the hand ball, and at the same time so that we speak of QATAR


If the Chinese buy our companies, it will be necessary, they fit, if they

Want to showcase, like TOYOTA, it will be necessary that the storefront is beautiful

, The Argentines are mobilizing mass against austerity , video

The Argentines are mobilizing mass against austerity



One million demonstrators took the streets to protest against the austerity policy conducted by the Government of Cristina Kirchner. Main collateral victim of these restrictions, the argentine middle class seeks flexibilities.

After CHARLIE HEBDO, pass the ball HAND, one should be a world champion, natural element, it should allow time for the time. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greece, EU: Holland and Merkel are seeking a common position

The new Greek power, the future of Europe and the Paris-Berlin relationship were to the menu for a dinner Friday between the french president and the German Chancellor.

The meeting should have taken place on 11 January. François Hollande and Angela Merkel had planned to meet in Strasbourg for an informal dinner at the invitation of the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, to discuss « the next steps » of European construction. But the meeting had been canceled because of the attacks that occurred a few days earlier in Paris. Then Syriza has prevailed in Greece and the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated. Therefore in another context that the french president and the German Chancellor met for three hours, Friday evening in Strasbourg to discuss urgent subjects for the winter of 2015, at two weeks of the next European Council of February 12.

The meeting between the three leaders was held in « a very friendly and constructive atmosphere », said the spokesman for Mr. Schultz. They discussed « the deepening of the Franco-German friendship and cooperation in the European Union », but also « all the current issues », said Armin Machmer. Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande did no statement at the end of dinner in the restaurant Zuem Ysehuet, near the European Parliament.

The Germany and the France chose two different approaches on Greece. While Angela Merkel waited one day to send a congratulatory telegram to the new premier, wishing him ‘strength’ and ‘success’, the head of State has, for his part, invited without waiting for Alexis Tsipras in Paris. The latter is expected Wednesday as the new Greek Minister of finance, Yanis Varoufakis, will be received Monday by his french counterpart, Michel Sapin. Paris clearly wishes to serve as a link between Athens and European creditors. With Angela Merkel, who defends a position of great firmness towards the Greece, François Holland was therefore speak ‘method’ and ‘options’ to establish a dialogue with Alexis Tsipras.

An argument against the rigour

In Berlin, does not believe that Paris will seek to exploit the Greek vote to revive a font anti-Merkel in Europe. The same concerns about Athens economic policy choices are made on each side of the border, assured within the German Government. Moreover it is not question, side french, to discuss the Greek debt. But in Paris and including the Socialist Party, the election of Syriza could nevertheless become an argument over against the rigour in Europe.

François Hollande and Angela Merkel were also to discuss the Russian issue, while the situation is deteriorating again in Ukraine. The one and the other have expressed « very concerned » by developments in the conflict, marked by the bombing of the port of Mariupol Saturday by separatists. « The urgency is the ceasefire, » said at the Elysee. But the eyes are also on the European front. The Greece of Alexis Tsipras has expressed its reservations about new sanctions against the Russia. And Hungary’s Viktor Orban is preparing to welcome February 17 Vladimir Poutine in Budapest, despite the recriminations of Brussels. In Paris, as in Berlin, means against the strategy of constant pressure from the Russian president against the European unit.


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