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Hello everyone, happy new year, and above all to the parent of ANTOINE (ANTOINE and unfortunately to others who died on the same night, died on 01 / 01/2014 to 03 h about 20)


Motorways: contracts will not be terminated in 2016, negotiations continue

It is necessary that they are, that if VALLS wants to foist the BB « Motorways », for the after 2017, 2018, should know, that there will be held responsible for, and this strong surprise me that it is his bandmates, pulls on the cheap, finally, we’ll see!, all ways, these contracts, will be defeated, as it either in1, 2, 3, 52, 10, they will be defeated, that’s for sure, it will affect can be nothing above, but they no longer!, the people and highways aurontgagne law of rejouer.100% of the winners have made their chances

Homeless: Valls calls the French « vigilance » and « solidarity »

« The French must demonstrate in these moments there of vigilance, solidarity and generosity, » the Prime Minister said before the press at the end of a visit to the social accommodation Romain Rolland of UAS centre in Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine).

« Everyone can know about this situation. So, we must be very attentive to that or that which is in this situation », he stressed. The Government is mobilized and does not expect that a dramatic news is necessary ».

It’s good to think to the homeless, the day of the year, do you believe than the french waited on say them, indeed perhaps in your yard, but not in ours, because any volunteers, marauding, SAMU social of the restaurants of the cœur(les bénévoles,surtout) them are far away, to bring back that day, sayingWould in fact, it is the day of the year, they must have cold devors!(eight months of preparation, 4 months of application spring, summer, fall, winter.)

Continuation of the strike of doctors, who are threatening to launch a « guerilla » in 2015

The Minister of health has managed to defuse the crisis with the emergency physicians and clinics, but the standoff continues in 2015 with doctors who promise Wednesday to launch a « guerilla ».Although it was difficult to disentangle strikers those vacationing doctors, unions welcomed Wednesday a « mobilization of general practitioners and specialists extraordinary both in offices than in health facilities ».For proof, « emergency and ambulance services have registered a sharp increase in activity that goes beyond the usual year-end peaks », according to Jean-Paul Ortiz President of the CRIDDLE000, the main Union of Liberals.But while they complete a week of strike guards and closure of firms (to cause to strike or holiday), the unions of liberal doctors claim to have nothing obtained if this is « a more attentive ear of the Ministry » and group discussions in September. « We were aware that it entered movement which would be long. «  » Today, we return to a guerrilla war that will take two forms: any paper, clogging up social services and actions of punches « , promises Mr. Ortiz. – ‘Block the system very quickly’ – unanimous for » fight « , trade unions differ however on the terms of their »administrative strike ». » »It comes to pressure on the administration to show that it’s collapse under the paperwork, but not penalize patients nor physicians », assures Dr. Ortiz.Son Union proposes not to use the Carte vitale only if patients say do not be hampered by a late reimbursement. « Just any way that each general practitioner sends two or three leaves paper per day to block the system very quickly », he said.Another Union, the SML, calls to continue the teletransmission (Carte vitale) but by doubling a duplicate which will force funds safely to a resurgence in work.It also harangue his troops to join two new days of strike Monday and Tuesday, while MG-France, Union of general practitioners, calls for ‘a day without cabinet’ Tuesday.Trade unions are trying to mobilize a few unionized profession that they also hope to attract before professional elections by 2015. Their target to shoot: the health bill.Initially hailed in June for its prevention component, this text has congloméré sharp criticism from the medical world. To the point that the strike calls have become almost unit among physicians and patrons of clinics engaged in calling for a cessation of unlimited activity.Doctors began for example to castigate a trusteeship of the regional health agencies, a « rollback » of their craft, the generalization of the third pay and claim of tariff negotiations. -Shot in the back – Marisol Touraine first reopened the dialogue in December with clinics and doctors. « She tries to divide the troops », analyzes the SML president, Eric Henry.La strategy seems to pay. Patrons of clinics have renounced their call to the indefinite strike from January 5. They got guarantees consensus and rewrite of an article of the law on public hospital services. Private hospitals is already involved in missions of general interest (emergencies, training, research, social home, permanence of care, etc.), including 132 emergency services welcoming 2.3 million patients, with a quarter of the patients welcomed each year, assured to the FHP (unites 1,000 private clinics and hospitals). It can receive specific endowments, approximately 1% of the 8.6 billion allocated to health at such institutions. The future law, as currently drafted, threatened the clinics to be squeezed out of this public service and the dedicated funds, on the grounds including that they should no longer perform exceedances of fees to participate. The very sensitive tariffs issue will be a consultation in January to which are invited trade unions of doctors. But they were not at all appreciated the « blow back » felt by the FHP.Discussions are so strained, the CRIDDLE000 called for example « to block all those who combine against their interests »


I watched a documentary on the FN, there was, a merchant of fries in Hénin – Beaumont, who fought tooth and nail against the FN (FRONT left) I think, even as she wondered, why, the left, insisted heavily, when to put Henin Beaumont, under video surveillance, which is true, the town like many others would need(, but having said that, it is not the average, but I had spokes, I pauserais me the question, benefiting the crime, and, who was known for spending money from his constituents, and leading a lavish life train in PS,) in short, everything that made me recovered memories, when I me gelais them outside, to 9 ages of the Pole on the market with my cousin place JEANNE d’Arc, in the 13th Art de PARIS ((j’habitais,rue DOMREMY) I do not have express, but it’s like that) by distributing leaflets of the MRAP in the years 1980.J’ was so super persuaded to fight against racism and xenophobia, it was because I hadn’t seen how blacks, and Sudan in particular, were treated in Israel and daily racism , which showed Israelis toward Arabs, and non Jews, Sudanese, Eritrean and other (Ex: a red fire lasting time of the video, the certifying 4 and minutes and wheelbarrows 51 or 52 second, 52, I believe, it is on Youtube, type racism in Israel , if they have not removed it, you see) is watching a video, of KEMI SEBA(, white racist, or saying, which was like super buddy Alain SORAL, a good white (or, is the error?) and the rise of a comic, itself saying racist DIEUDONNE, (who is BLACK and who is also friend d’ Alain SORAL, looking for the 2nd error) is watching a video of KEMI etquelques sketches of Adele, I asked myself questions.) One, in particular, that, trotter me in the head, »how a guy! « , which already has a young age, has been denied by the FFI, as too young, 16 years old, is young to die, not.)(French of the Interior FORCES)(, for info : the French Forces of the Interior (FFI) are the result of the merger, 1er February 1944, major military groups of the French Resistance who had constituted themselves in the occupied France: the Armée secrète (AS, Gaullist, involving Combat, Libération-Sud, Maverick), the Organization of resistance of the Army (ORA, giraudiste), the Francs-tireurs and supporters,)), which fought against fascism and Nazism because he was too young, a guy, who had defended France, until eventually leaving life, to DIEN BIEN PHU and Algeria, how a guy! , which is not called Valls, could be fascist, Nazi, knowing that it is beat against. Another question, how a guy who is supposedly racist, takes to Godson a small black (the daughter of DIEUDONNÉ) you’ll tell me that it is a com call, agree!but, how to explain it, so really the FN was racist,the first black in metropolitan France – Mayor

(Raphaël Elise, a Martinique small of 11 years, arrives in France in 1902, immediately after the Mount Pelée disaster. A civil servant, a grandfather freed slave father. Mayor of sand, I mean by that, and then the end of the war, are we to lied, and I realized, one, one we had lied, two, we had scammed, and that

Soi so-called french presidents, which have, succeed anyI say well no, really was a leader, and has helped France to recover, would that for debt, it had contracted, and now, it rises to approximately 2000 billion d€, SARKOZY, rather than do everything possible to minimize costs to doing all the opposite, until you have (I do not know if it is a loan, a gift? and I want to not know, it shows human SARKOZY), 4 million €, for his campaign on the part of KADAFI. Kadafi was, what it was, a dictator, for some, and, one benefactor for others.For info : Gaddafi invested in companies such as Total, Alsthom, Fiat, in the sectors of the media (Financial Time) or sport (7.5% of Juventus). In France, it has, for example, the Parisian building that houses the Fnac(Ehouai!) of des Ternes in the 17the arrondissement of Paris. The fortune of kadafi abroad could be around 200 billion $!Libya was 2010, the less indebted country of the world 3.3%,contre 83.5% for the France

Since the discussion of the responsibility of the Bernard Henry Lévy ultra-sioniste in the French intervention in the war of Libya and the fall of Gaddafi resurfaced on French television, it is perhaps worth remembering some rarely evoked facts on the status of this « ignoble dictatorship » despised by « all Libyans ».

The irony is at its peak , Has you to judge!

A short stay in Libya, the country, which would have put, help us to repay this debt?

1 – Electricity for household use is free!

2 – Water for domestic use is free!

3 – The price of a litre of petrol is 0.08 EUROS!

4 – The cost of living in Libya is much lower than that prevailing in France. For example, the price of half a loaf of bread in France is about 0.60 euros, while in Libya it is of 0.11 Euros!

5 – Libyan banks extend interest-free loans!

6 – The citizens have no taxes to pay, and there is no VAT!

7 – Libya is the last country in the list of indebted countries! Public debt is at 3.3% of GDP! In France, it is 84.5%! In the US, 88.9%! At the Japan to 225.8%!

8 – The price for the purchase of a car (Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Renault…) is the factory price (imported cars from Japan, South Korea, China, USA)!

9 -For each student wanting to make his studies abroad, the ‘Government’ assigns a 1 627,11 Euros per month scholarship This is certainly not Israel with 77.3% and France with its 83.5% (2010)

Who would do this.How, it has been bananer by buffoons, he had reason KADAFI to take the french high government, when, it came, because he at least could look in the mirror.

10 – Any graduate student receives the average wage of the profession of the course chosen if it cannot find a job!

«  » 11 when a couple is married, the « State » pay the first apartment or House (150 square metres)!

12 – Every Libyan family, on presentation of the family booklet, receives support from 300 EUROS per month!

13 – There are places named «Jamaiya», where it sells half price food for any large family, on presentation of the family booklet!

14. for any employee in the public service, in the event of necessary mobility through the Libya, the ‘State’ provides a car and a House for free. And some time after, these goods are to him.

15. in the public service, even if the person is absent one or two days, no deduction of these days on his salary, and no evidence of disease.

16 – Everything (e) citizen (ne) Libyan (ne) with no housing can register with a body of ‘State’, and he to will be awarded one without that he or she did advance some expense, and without credit. The right to housing is fundamental, in Libya. And housing must belong to one who occupies it.

17 – All Libyan citizens who wish to work in his home may register with a body of ‘State’, and this work will be performed for free by public works companies chosen by the ‘State ‘.

18 – Concern for equality between women and men prevail, and women have access to important functions and positions of responsibility.

19. every citizen (ne) Libyan () cannot invest actively in political life and in the management of public affairs, at the local, regional and national, as part of a system of direct democracy (this will Congress popular base, permanent, until the general people’s Congress, the great national Congress which meets once a year): 3.5 million adults, 600,000 citizens participate actively in political life!

20 – The Libya is the first oil reserve in Africa!

21 – The Libya is the 6 or 7th sovereign financial background in the world! Trust reserves are higher than that of Russia, for example!

22 – Medical care are free!

23 – Secondary and university education are free. The literacy rate is over 80%!

24 – There are subsidies on all foodstuffs of databases (ex: 1 kg of pasta purchased €1 to a Tunisian producer, the Libyan Government resells it €0,50 to Libyans)!

25 – Libya ardently participates in the development of Africa, to its independence from the West and their dictatorial monetary system. It is more than $ 60 billion that the Libyan State was ready to invest in 25 African countries and provide work for millions of Africans.


The Lithuania became the 19th country in the euro zone , and on the other go, without us, ca f’ra more than the 18th century, because they understood the lesson

Greece: Parliament dissolved, the sprint to the election begins

Dissolution Wednesday from the Greek Parliament marks the beginning of an electoral sprint and dealings policies all-out for the January 25 legislative elections that could revive tensions within the euro zone in case of victory of the left-wing party Syriza. Three days after the failure of the election of a new president of the Republic by the outgoing Parliament, which precipitated the Organization of legislative elections, attacks raining down between new democracy (ND, right) party, in power since June 2012 with the Socialists, and the challenger’s left Syriza, leading in the polls.Wednesday, these are statements of two frames of Syriza, who touched the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, head of the ND, which has made the threat of a release of the Greece of the euro one of its main campaign arguments.When asked about the willingness of Syriza repay loans of a total of 240 billion euros granted since 2010 in the country by the IMF and the EU to avoid bankruptcy, Yannis Milios, head of the economic policy of the party, left hover doubt: « we, we say that it is possible that we were not paying because we are negotiating » (with creditors(, Editor’s note).His colleague of Syriza, Yiannis Tolios, resumed in echo on the string Action 24: « it’s part of the commitments of our party, we can decide to stop paying interest and depreciation ».The Prime Minister immediately accused the party of wanting to « lead the country to the cessation of payment and bankruptcy ».-time counted – Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza since 2008, did himself never wielded this kind of threat in recent months focusing primarily on the ability of her party to convince the EU and the IMF to influence their requirements and agree to a new cancellation of the huge debt Greek more than 175% of GDP.Several members of the party have also recently increased the reassuring asserting that a Government led by Syriza would not engage in « unilateral decisions ». »But the intransigence shown by a leader of the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel suggests difficult negotiations: »the era where we were forced to save the Greece is over, »said Michael Fuchs, Deputy Chairman of the conservative parliamentary group CDU in the Bundestag, the daily Rheinische Post. »There is more potential for blackmail. The Greece does not represent a systemic risk for the euro », he warned.In his final presidential vows, the outgoing Chief, Carolos Papoulias, age 85, has called for the ‘consensus’ to ‘national unity’ and ‘preserve the place of the country in the hard core of Europe, a non-negotiable choice’.Uncertainty on the line of conduct for Syriza in the event of victory is the concern of markets and international creditors of the country, including the international monetary fund, which has suspended discussions on the payment of a new tranche of aid to Greece to the formation of a new Government.Abused since the beginning of the Greek election sequence, the Athens Stock Exchange however finished its last meeting of the year an increase of 1.23%. A poll for the channel Skai gave Wednesday Syriza in 29.5% of voting intentions, against 25% for the new Democratie.l’ issue for the left party is not only victory but the constitution of a majority viable, if necessary through alliances, to avoid deadlock and new elections, as in 2012.Des discussions started with the small party of the centre-left Dimar leave observers skeptical about the possibility of an agreement before the elections.Gold time will be counted after the election to form a Government.First because the two month extension of EU to the Greece aid expires in late February, imposing a Government be able to discuss the suite of program. Then because the future members, which will come into service on February 5, will be required to first elect, finally, a successor to the president whose mandate is set to expire in March.

GOOD and happy new year, and above all to the parent of ANTOINE, anyway

(ANTOINE and unfortunately to others who died on the same night, died on 01 / 01/2014 to 03 h about 20)
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,on ne touchera peut être rien dessus,mais eux non plus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,le peuple et les autoroutes aurontgagné le droit de rejouer.100% des gagnants ont tentés leur chances


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