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I was thinking about the case of the father, who is fighting to gain custody of his child, and that not only , 1 ° /has been taken (you are going to say, Yes, but he was in prison, me, I would tell you, but it is in prison, or elsewhere, 2 ° / it did not, therefore has onwards of the fact, that he knew not the presence of the child)because his mother certainly didn’t tell him, this is so not his fault, but the fault of the mother, who has hidden her paternity. And it is in legitimate right to seek custody of his child (if it is hers, a paternity test will prove!, and if it is, that, it is her child, in this case, there would be vol(et vol d’enfants, ça va chercher dans les 100 000 €,15 quinze ans de réclusion àle PENAL cela,lui donne tout à fait le droit de récupérer son gosse)), 3 ° /the kid has not had time to grow up, because if I understand the host family, took the kid has 18 mois(1 ans et demi) in 2012, I believe, we are in 2014, there so about 3 years and a half , knowing that a kid memories formed in the vicinity of 5 years,(c’est ce que les Agapèthérapeutes)(, and the Dolto claim… etc.!)

R. Webster finds (:) renowned psychotherapist it was abundantly proven that memory (especially child memory) is extraordinarily malleable and imprecise.) » In beliefs of therapists, memories or traumatismes(Abandon de l’enfant par le pére géniteur,peut être préjudiciable) from design, from before birth until the age of 5 may be the source of emotional or mental problems current the Agapetherapeutes claim to cure by an approach of aid, which in some ways is similar to practices suggestive and charismatic tell of the inner-child therapy (of « the inner child ») or rather self of the inner child (in ancient Rome), but also in Europe under the Ancien Régime, the familia term extends to the whole of the household, i.e. servants, slaves and even clients. In modern societies, the family is gradually restricted to single degree of kinship or affinity: the nuclear family. For french statisticians, family, or household, is a set of two or more persons – or a couple with or without enfant(s), is a single parent living with at least one child.Pour

The adoptive parents, if they knew that the child had a father that was in prison, I believe for

They did not, as in this case, it’s a steal!

Section 311-4
•Amended by law n ° 2012-954 August 6, 2012 – s. 4

Theft is punishable by five years imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros:

1 ° when it is committed by several persons acting as an author or accomplice, unless they constitute a band organized;

2° when it is committed by a person vested with public authority or charged with a mission of public service, in the exercise or on the occasion of the year; its functions, or its mission

3 ° when it is committed by a person who takes a person’s quality unduly depositary of public authority or responsible for a public service mission;

4 ° when it is preceded, accompanied or followed by violence on others not leading to a total incapacity for work;

5 ° (repealed)

6 ° when it is committed in a dwelling place or in a place used or intended for the funds, securities, goods or materials warehouse.

7 ° when it is committed in a vehicle assigned to collective passenger transport or in a place intended for access to a means of collective transport of passengers;

8 ° when it is preceded, accompanied or followed by an act of destruction, degradation or deterioration;

9 ° when it is committed at the rate of membership or non-membership, real or supposed, victim to an ethnic group, a nation, a race or a religion, or its orientation or identity sexual, real or supposed;

10 ° when it is committed by a person voluntarily concealing his face in whole or in part in order to not be identified.

11 ° when it is committed in educational institutions or education as well as, when the inputs or outputs of students or within a very close time thereof, in the vicinity of these institutions.

The penalties are raised to seven years ‘ imprisonment and fine of 100,000 euros when theft is committed in two of the circumstances provided for in this article. They are brought to ten years imprisonment and fine of 150,000 euros when the flight is carried out in three of these circumstances

. Section 311-5
•Amended by law n ° 2011-267, March 14, 2011 – s. 47

Theft is punishable by seven years imprisonment and a $ 100,000 fine:

1 ° when it is preceded, accompanied or followed by violence on others resulting in a total incapacity for work for eight days at most;

2 ° when it is facilitated by the State of a person whose particular vulnerability, due to his age, illness, infirmity, physical or mental disabilities or a State of pregnancy, is apparent or known of its author;

3 ° when it is committed in a local housing or in a place used or intended for the funds, securities, goods or materials warehouse, entering places by cunning, breaking or climbing.

The penalties are raised to ten years in prison and €150,000 fine when the flight is carried out in two circumstances provided by this section or when flight scheduled at this article is also committed in one of the prescribed circumstances by article 311-4.

Section 311-14
•Amended by law n ° 2012-304 of March 6, 2012 – article 11
•Amended by law n ° 2012-304 of March 6, 2012 – s. 20

I. – The physical perpetrators of one of the offences provided for in this chapter also incur the following complementary penalties:

1 ° the prohibition of civic, civil rights and family, according to the procedures provided for in article 131-26;

2 ° prohibition, provided for by article 131-27, either to exercise a public function or engage in the professional or social activity in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of which the offence was committed, or of practise a profession commercial or industrial, of lead, of administer, of manage or control a title, directly or indirectly, for its own account or for the account of othersa commercial or industrial undertaking or a trading company, this ban is definitive or provisional in cases under sections 311-5 at 311-10 and for a period of five years at the most in the cases provided for in sections 311-3 to 311-5. These exercise bans may be imposed cumulatively;

3 ° the prohibition to hold or carry, for a period of five years, subject to authorization;

4 ° the forfeiture of the thing that was used or was intended to commit the offence or the thing that is the product, with the exception of objects of restitution;

5 ° the prohibition of stay, provided for by article 131-31, in the cases provided for by articles 311-5-311-10;

6 ° the obligation to perform a citizenship course, as laid down by article 131-5-1.

II. – Conviction for robbery with violence or theft punishable by a criminal penalty, the imposition of additional punishment at the 3 ° of the I is mandatory.

However, the Court may, by a specially reasoned decision when the sentence is handed down by a criminal court, decide not to impose the death penalty, consideration of the circumstances of the offence and the personality of its author.


The other day, I heard an audio journaleu on RMC, out with his usual bad faith, that money that MARINE is gone look to Russia for its campaign, under intended that it would come from ‘jenesaitquelletransaction’, I was thinking just that, you pisses all that it,(c’est pitoyable obligé de mentir ou de sous-entendre deles de mensonges,) what happens to bring prosperity to the countryside notice, in a sense, I understand you, you have lent to the other feuge, he, you, did backwards, the penalty of 363.615 euros the report which had validated the accounts of Sarkozy campaign, I find, when indecent that it does not lend him, and that there is no french banker, NADA, Jason, he is sure, that I preferred it takes the Russians , as in QATAR


Definitely, some in the U.S. Congress, have nothing, but nothing, they should FEM a bit more Curtis to give them head to the place, this is one of the reasons why, P-T-N, chuis proud to be french, a little less than 250 (246) years of slavery, for that certain rights be granted to the black population, and some assholes finds the way to light fire to the powder, by making a blunder, as they say, but at this level, this is not a blunder, it’s the blatant incompetence, and unfortunately this will awake the old racist demons of slavery.


I really liked, the intervention of the Pope in the hemicycle European, even if it hosts to Freemasonry, is not this MÉLENCHON among others, I should say some are home, and well before BONAPARTE, I speak of the Pope and Catholics, the intervention of the Pope in the Chamber has demonstrated that it thought that EUROPE was a party on a backward track; globalism was not at all the way he hoped for Europe, what amazes me half, because when Cohn – Bendit was released in the hemicycle of the European union ‘ you summers of morons « , this does not surprise me that the Pope thinks that it is a party on a siding, when he speaks of LAMPEDUSA, and told that the Mediterranean should not be a cemetery, that is quite right, but actually a – you is that it does not become a cemetery, not much…?


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